Thrive™ is a community-driven gardening application for those who want to start gardening in their own backyard. It features reminders that notify the user when to water their plants and when to harvest them through the timeline aspect that shows Another unique feature of the application is the community aspect where users can buy, sell or trade with their neighbors within their community which in turn, creates conversation. This project was a team collaboration with Alexandra Ezell and Will Brown.
BIZFLY™ is a application concept for the Apple Watch that helps business travelers keep track of their trips to ensure a smooth and quick travel. It notifies users of their flight details through real time and is also a boarding pass/hotel key. It also works as a form of payment through Apple Pay. Users can view information on important business people that they may be meeting on their trips and gather information to start a conversation. It also allows users to track, view and submit their expenses, creating a seamless and hassle-free travel experience. 
This application is to be released exclusively to businesses that requires employees to travel a lot and is updated by the businesses's secretary as a itinerary schedule.

View the BIZFLY™ user experience here on InVision!
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