lure saturday night dinner
The Lure Saturday Night Dinner is a dinner event that is included with the Hospitality Program. Inspiration of the design was drawn from the restaurant itself and a logo lockup was created so that the event felt special and exclusive to FOX. Guests were able to enjoy dinner and cocktails for the night before heading over to the next event.
super bowl music fest
After the Lure Saturday Night Dinner, guests were invited to attend the first-ever Super Bowl Music Fest. The event includes a night performance of music by Bruno Mars and Cardi B and refreshments from the bar as the guests party Saturday night away. The design uses the Super Bowl Music Fest branding and combining it with the FOX Super Bowl Weekend logo lockup to create a collaboration between the two.
the painted duck
The Painted Duck is a distinguished drinkery, duckpin bowling, and gaming parlour located in Atlanta. Guests were invited to attend this fun brunch event before getting shuttled off to attend the final Super Bowl Sunday match. Design took inspiration from the greens and vintage elements utilized throughout the interior design and website design of the drinkery. We wanted to include the painting of the ducks from the website as it was a prominent image of the drinkery itself and gave it so much more character when FOX branding is applied to it.
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